Camila González and Mariana Costa’s tips on entrepreneurship

Camila González and Mariana Costa’s tips on entrepreneurship

Last tuesday, September 1st, we were invited to participate on an event about “Women on innovation and entrepreneurship” from First Tuesday. Who were the women with the innovative power? Camila González – Director of Mujeres del Pacífico (Women of the Pacific) y Mariana Costa – Co Founder and Director of Laboratoria.


Both startups are successful and have a great technological impact, that’s why I didn’t want to refrain from sharing their experiences and advice so you don’t think it twice and encourage you to jump into the boat of Innovation and Entrepreneurship!



  1. Unity is strength: Don’t be afraid to share your idea, what if someone else helps you on your venture? What about they help giving it a more impacting approach? Don’t be afraid, the worst that can happen is that it becomes an anecdote.
  2. Take advantage of information access: Currently, the use of Information Technology allows us to connect with different companies and communities. It let us learn online and that would help center your objectives and realize your venture.
  3. Dare to fail: Don’t be afraid, risk it with your idea, we are humans and not robots. If we are wrong and we fall, let’s shake the dust away and keep on going, «The road is long» anyway.
  4. Identifícate: We are a country with different improvement opportunities. Don’t wait for a startup á-la Google or Apple, we count with a lot of different resources from the ones your idols had across the pond.



While Mariana spoke about all those experiences when she hit a wall to keep on going forward with her project, she summarized in three steps the important factors that let her develop Laboratoria, a successful project in Latin America, made in Perú:

  1. Really risk on learning: If you are going to start something new, it is highly probable that you don’t have enough capital to hire every expert in the areas you need. Don’t close your mind and put all your strength on learning from scratch. Don’t decline to learn.
  2. Know your team: Along the way you will coexist with your team and not everything is going to go well at first, so keep the team tight, eager to keep on going and commited. This will let you get far.
  3. Connect with what you do: Never forget the idea that led you start this venture, this will help you focus and achieve your goals.


After hearing them, I felt like jumping into the boat of innovation. What about you?

Who knows if you are the one that is going to give the next talk on technological innovation? Take the risk!

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