Jessica Cotrina: How I won the Grace Hopper Conference Scholarship Grant

Jessica Cotrina: How I won the Grace Hopper Conference Scholarship Grant

Jessica Cotrina tells us about her experience applying for the Grace Hopper Conference Scholarship Grant. She has wont his year and will have the opportunity to go to Phoenix and attend this international conference. Here it goes an invited blog post.


Hello everyone. I currently study Systems Engineering at Universidad Privada del Norte-Cajamarca. A few months ago; to be precise, in January; some information was published about a very important event: the Grace Hopper Conference. Grace Hopper Conference is the biggest celebration in the world for women in computing. It is produced by the Anita Borg Institute and presented in association with ACM.

I did not hesitate and applied for the grant. The one that applies to students. It needs some personal information, but the most important part is writing an essay.

The essay should contain expectations about why you want to go; but the important part is to be able to describe what you are currently doing. If it is a project, the impact that it has over your city or the environment it is being developed on. Then you have to upload recommendation letters from people that know you in person.

The other part was the presentation of a poster, where I added that I am working on a project called TECHMIN (Technology and Mining). I commented on the development of the project and the impact it has.

The contest held to evaluate the presentation of the poster and the application for students was evaluated internally by people from all around the world.

Now I have the opportunity to receive a Scholarship grant and go to the Grace Hopper. This covers the conference registration, a prepaid card for meals and lodging, all courtesy of the Anita Borg Institute, on top of travel expenses.


The important thing of participating on this is that the only thing you are risking is being said NO. What you can get is some friends and experience. Thanks to applying for this grant I was able to get to know very friendly people that told me their stories about how they managed to go to the Grace Hopper Conference and contacted them so that they could give me some advice.

I am very happy for being able to go and learn a lot, sharing the knowledge and, above all, grow both as a person and as a professional.

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