Women Techmakers Lima

Women Techmakers Lima

The past saturday, march 22, in coordination with the GDG Open Lima, the Women Techmakers Lima was held in the campus ofthe San Ignacion de Loyola University.

Women Techmakers is a series of global events oriented towards the increment of visibility, community and resources for technical women in our industry. These events hold discussion panels with leading women in technology, practical workshops, professional career planning, networking opportunities, and more. This series of events counts with support from Google and take place within the celebration of the international Women’s Day.

This edition also counted with a call-for-papers section opened to anyone who wanted to share their experience in the technology world and/or entrepreneurship. As a result, the evento had a super interesting and diverse schedule


As a participant, I would not have liked to miss this event. It all felt fluid, with very interesting subjects, with speakers whom you can relate directly, as they face the same reality as oneself, however with the advantage that they count with the same or more experience on the field.

As an organiser, it was a hard but enduring work with the super team that is WiT Perú, and the coordination message by message, mail by mail with Maria Jose Torres from the GDG Open Lima.

I enjoyed seeing a lot of smiles everywhere I turned to, people having fun, watching drones flying by, commenting on the Girl Rising documentary, wanting to learn a bit more of python, creating conversations on how to start with iOS, commenting on the Impostor Syndrome or the Leader Game, filling ourselves with inspiration during the session held by Natsumi, who shared the story of how “Ellas dicen” was born. Anyway, I would have loved to join every session and that is what I liked the most about this event: all of them were super interesting! And it was really difficult to choose which to join.

We want to thank enormously the reception given to the event: nearly 600 people registered… and those who did not go, missed a lot! :D

And something extremely important… Volunteers!! We owe them a lot of thanks: for being early, putting together the files, helping on keeping the schedule and, above all, for coming with that great vibe of not only assist to an event, but to get involved with it too.

Now, for the presentations/resources of the sessions:

#womentechmakers on twitter!

And the never failing photos of the event


Great thanks to our sponsors!!

Google, San Ignacio de Loyola University, Intel, Verizon, Iriarte & Associates, Ellas Dicen, USIL – Entrepreneurs Club, USIL – Entrepreneurship Centre.

And a lot of thanks to everyone who attended the event!

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