#WiTPeruMeetup : Analytics with Andrea Villanes

#WiTPeruMeetup : Analytics with Andrea Villanes


The past friday, May 9th, we held a meetup with Andrea Villanes, thanks to Iberotec.

Andrea introduced us concepts such as Big Data and Data Science, which are the ones that bring life to Analytics.

The goal of Analytics is to derive and extract useful information from a big load of data to insights.

Andrea mentioned the main tasks of a Data Scientist:
1. Clean Data
2. Apply statistical Models to that data
3. Present the resulting information in an easy way

Currently, the market presents a great deficit of Data Scientists, which makes this career a very attractive option to those who like statistics, programming, analysis and presenting findings. The big goal of a Data Scientist is to come across a recommendation from  findings. Take a look at the complete video to find the traits you need to become a Data Scientist and the options you have to pull it off.

If you have any question, you can write us at info@witperu.org and we will contact you with Andrea =)

You can check the session slides here

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