My Experience in the Women Startup Weekend

My Experience in the Women Startup Weekend

A post by Jessica Cotrina -WiT Perú Volunteer =)

It all started when Women in Technology Perú, represented by Rosa María, showed up at my University (Universidad Privada del Norte-Cajamarca). Her objective was to speak to us, as there are few women studying a career that is technology oriented, and to break with this paradigm. This reality is very noticeable in Cajamarca and their provinces, which is why I became very interested on the subject, and wanted to keep in touch and learn with them through social networks.


I am very eager to know about the publications they make on the Facebook page of WIT Perú, as these always share something important and of my interest. And this is how, one day, I saw their publication on the Women Startup Weekend – Lima, which attracted my attention, as it was a great opportunity to share your business idea and make it happen, or verify whether it is viable or not.

Thanks to the support of the girls from WIT Perú, I was awarded with a scholarship to assist. I did not think it twice and decided to go!

I arrived on the second day of the event, saturday. They already had pitched their businesses ideas and I decided to join a group to help on anything I could. The group I joined was CURVY, a great and innovative project: I believed in it and in what they were doing. This group was composed by: Franti Huamán, Karen Pinzás, Mariella Yauri, Fiorella Arias, and me, Jessica Cotrina.


On this group I learned a lot: teamwork, responsibility, patience and love for what we were doing.

I also learned other things like: which kind of design should an application have (colours, its intuitiveness, the less the better), and also about the process of creating a presentation with simple steps, whose objective is to be understood in little to no time.

Also the mentors taught me to differentiate who was a client and who were the users.

The project’s final presentation was going to be on sunday afternoon, which we performed with all our might.

And it was time to present the project: Karen Pinzás presented, as it was her business idea and she knew it better than anyone, making her ideal for the 4-minute span set for every presentation. After all the other groups were finished with their slides, the winners were mentioned by place, starting with the third place, then going for the second place and, lastly,it was CURVY the project that took first place: it had shown the effort of every member of the team.

Thanks to WiT Perú for giving me the opportunity of participating of a Startup Weekend and letting me share the experience with my friends from my university.

I am really happy for having met each and every one of you. A big hug and greetings from a distance, I hope to meet you again and keep on sharing ideas and experiences.



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