She++ Documentary and Panel Discussion

She++ Documentary and Panel Discussion

Andrea was representing Women in Technology Peru at the University of North Carolina in the panel discussion of the She++ documentary.

The main theme of the panel discussion focused on why there are few women in Computer Science (Computer Engineering, Software Engineering), which means there is a lack of diversity in work groups in careers related to technology.

Andrea mentioned in the panel that women offer a different perspective work teams, and that women often think in our community when creating a new product. Also, Andrea highlighted the importance of knowing what is programming from an early age, to draw the attention of girls and break the “fear” that exists related to a career dominated by men.

The panel involved two professors at the University of North Carolina and a software engineer for Google, which they said is the only Ingenierio woman working in the office of North Carolina, despite all the benefits that a career in technology gives women.

The panel also named some of the activities that have led them to publicize what is programming in schools and in other countries. Andrea had experience in Technology Women in Cajamarca Peru. For more information on our project Reaching Out Peru:


More information on the panel:

You have not seen the documentary? You can see it here:

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