Promoting the development of e-commerce applications ENCOM – WIT

Promoting the development of e-commerce applications ENCOM – WIT

Continuing with our activities last Saturday November 16th the first event “E-commerce – First Steps” was held, focusing on boosting the number of developers of technological applications involving electronic commerce, this is the first activity of the Encom community supported by WIT-Peru.


We are passionate about the technologies that we believe is very important in all our activities and in which we have been supporting in coordination with different communities to achieve knowledge sharing, participation and the increasing number of people become more involved in different technologies and tools.

Today activities related to e-commerce in our country is increasing and our goal this time is focused in that direction, increasing the participation of more technology professionals interested in this area or who are currently working directly with e-commerce like me and find a place to exchange, share experiences, activities, meet and learn more.


The activities of this first event were divided into 4 parts. In the first part, Valery Vasquez, Duhem Project Manager and member of the organization began by explaining Encom community guidelines, general ideas and recommendations on how to start translating if you have an idea of ​​Ecommerce Business. She explained the different steps to consider to start the project.

After, Ronald Guillen Analytics specialist and member of the organization Encom, highlighted some of the different tools that are currently used by some major e-commerce sites. Finishing the theoretical part, Jhoon Saravia who has experience in e-commerce projects explained the different means of payment for a project to consider ecommerce as well as the advantages and disadvantages that could be found in each of these.

The event concludes with a small dynamic where participants assemble a symbolic business model focused on a fun theme called: “The exercise of the silly cow” creating a business canvas model which were presented to the group.

If you want to know more of this e-commerce community, you can join Encom and participate in the following activities they plan to make. You’ll also find the presentation and photos of this first event here.

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