Ignite! Business Development Program – 1st Module

Ignite! Business Development Program – 1st Module

On 5th November, at the invitation of Instituto Invertir, started the first module of Ignite: a program development business which it aims to spread entrepreneurship and bring the entrepreneurial tools and concepts to help you refine your business plan refine their business model and above receive feedback and learn from experience not only instructors but also from the audience.

This module focuses on market analysis, value proposition and business model, marketing and distribution strategy.

The great combination of experience of instructors, since they are all part of the Startup Weekend Lima, and fluid interaction among the participants makes not only be reviewing concepts but also receive instant feedback, new ideas are born and you obtain a perspective that perhaps you had not considered.

Rather than write about the topics covered in this first module, as the sommelier is available here, this post is to share my experience:
Introduce your business idea, other ideas and at the same time to review concepts and associate them with something real, out of the theory; was extremely rewarding for me because not only received feedback for WiT (yes, WiT Peru also plans;)) and some other personal projects also was infected me feeling entrepreneurial business and my vision is a little (lot) more clear. Super Recommended!

And while I wait to start the following module: Finance I will refine my Business Model Canvas, Canvas working on my Culture and reviewing a little more about the world of marketing =)

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