First #DrupalChix in #dclima2013 by WiT Peru

First #DrupalChix in #dclima2013 by WiT Peru


On Saturday October 19, WiT Peru in collaboration with the Drupal community DrupalChix Peru held the first within the framework of Peru Drupal Camp 2013.

Karen and Rosa Maria took the direction of the workshop which had a very interesting competition, we had communications professionals, lawyers and engineers and especially many girls \ o /.

For most this workshop would be their first contact with Drupal, some had prior knowledge of CMS but the overall motivation was to know about Drupal and potential uses that could give you.

Rosa Maria told us a little about the movement and immediately began DrupalChix an overview of the art of drupal to go familiarizing with certain terms.

We spent the installfest, using Uniform Sever we could achieve lift our Web Server and start configuring Drupal in our private machines.

Karen, began the practical workshop using the example of building a WIT website ;), during the workshop we saw things like themes, add modules, custom content types, menus and taxonomy


As usual all WiT event has as closing activity is a retrospective, in which we contrast the expectations of the participants and organizers with what could really realize at the end of the event and also suggestions and comments to help us continuously improve ;)


Rosa Maria’s Presentation

Karen’s Presentation

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