Reaching Out Peru: Cajamarca, Chota

Reaching Out Peru: Cajamarca, Chota

The long awaited August 23 came to the “entourage” of WiT Peru: Andrea, Karen, Stephanie, Maria Rosa, Freddy and Jhoon.

Thanks to the work of Ana Maria Reyes Carranza, we got the approval and interest of Sister Miguelina, Principal of the school, and the support of Ivan Reyes, of the municipality of Chota, for the lunches and refreshments for the attendees.

The day began with a dynamic “Ice Breaker” directed by Karen, in which each participant received a half a heart and the goal was to find your other half and have some small conversation. Then we did an activity in which the girls drew what they understood as technology. Andrea then presented some possibilities and what to expect when pursuing a career in the world of technology and projected a video prepared by inviting everyone to learn programming.

After so much inspiration, we played the Marshmellow Challenge! We got a pleasant surprise when 3 groups managed to put together a stable tower of over 40 cm.


Karen continued with a brief session on entrepreneurship giving quick tips for the girls so could find an idea to develop as a business. The next step was to form groups and each group had to choose a business idea, which was embodied in the Business Model Canvas. To end the day each group presented their idea and business model.

The second day began with a short exercise, led by Rosa Maria, in which the girls took their first steps with HTML, then be familiar with the tool had to be put together skeletons web portal business idea chosen by each group.
The rest of the day dedicated to work on ideas and on the web, image search, extra resources and content.
To close the day Freddy guided the girls in the deployment of their website, which are housed in for those who want to (hopefully all!) continue learning and developing their first technology venture


This is a video made by Andrea

Thank you to everyone!! Jhoon, Freddy, Rocio, Julio, Ana Maria, Sister Miguelina, Ivan Reyes, WebAssign, Caktus, Johnson & Johnson


Photos by Jhoon Saravia
Photos by Freddy Cahuas

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